A Tale of the Inevitable :: Part One

Eruthiawen dropped her head in her hands and sighed. It just isn’t fair!, she thought, Ardhoniel lives so far away, and I want to see her so bad! Why does the Great One have to torture us like this?! She started pacing back and forth, and finally couldn’t stand it anymore. . .I’m going to get on my compyorite and talk with her right now! Eruthiawen rushed to her compyorite and looked to see if Ardhoniel was online. She opened a chat box:

Eruthiawen: Ardhoniel? Are you there?

Ardhoniel: Yes! I’m here!

Eruthiawen: Yay!!! I want to see you sooo bad!

Ardhoniel: I soooo wish I could see you too!

Eruthiawen: We live WAY too far apart!

Ardhoniel: Pop over here, won’t you?

Eruthiawen: I wish I could! Science isn’t fast enough!!

Ardhoniel: Well, I guess we have to invent some kind of technology to instantly transport people!!!

Eruthiawen: Yeah, something! Do you know any science ppl?

Ardhoniel: PPL? What??

Eruthiawen: “ppl” stands for people. πŸ™‚

Ardhoniel: Oh….No. 😦

Eruthiawen: *sniffs* neither do I!!!

Ardhoniel: Hey, lets go kidnap some scientific big-wig and make him do it!!!

Eruthiawen: Yeah, actually, let’s get his family…that would do it!

Ardhoniel: Yeah!!

Eruthiawen: We would threaten to send them off to a forsaken island!

Ardhoniel: With no food or water…

Eruthiawen: Exactly! (devil)

Ardhoniel: How are we going to do it?

Eruthiawen: Why don’t we hire professional kidnappers? That way, we won’t get blamed, and we can be carefree! One of us will have to ask our father’s for the gold to do it, though. Without giving away the reason, of course!

Ardhoniel: I would rather we did it ourselves….that way we take no one into our confidence!!!

Eruthiawen: Ok, you’re right. That would probably be better anyways.

Ardhoniel: Let us do it as soon as we can!!

A few months later. . .

* * *


~ by Tiffany on May 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “A Tale of the Inevitable :: Part One”

  1. Hey girls!

    What fun! I’m looking forward to more posts!

  2. Yeah, that’s really neat! I can’t wait for more!!

  3. Too cool! Love it! πŸ™‚

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